Close More Internet Real Estate Leads – Deliver VALUE

Imagine seeing a shirt you like in the display window of a clothing store.  You walk in the store, and find the first sales associate you find to ask “How much is that shirt on display in the window?”.  The sales associate replies – “I’d be happy to help you with that.  First let me tell you about me and how I can help you find the best shirt for you!”

You don’t want to know about the sales associate.  You want to know about the shirt.

Instead, a smart sales associate will give the customer what he wants – “That shirt is $49.95,” and follow up with a question like, “What size are you looking for?”  The customer thinks he wants that shirt.  A good sales associate will help the customer find the right shirt to buy, but first starts with the shirt that catches the attention of the customer.

As much as we know that 80% of the value we offer as real estate agents comes after finding the right home for a buyer, most buyers start their real estate purchase like they approach looking for a shirt.

When you are working with leads, you’ll need to deliver value as perceived BY THE LEAD.   When a lead contacts you about a particular home, then you know that the lead values finding the right home first, before finding the right agent.  Show that you have the ability to find the right home for that lead! If a lead contacts you about finding an experienced agent, then the lead wants to know if you are qualified to provide the best real estate services.



Many real estate agents feel like they don’t want to give away too much of their hard earned knowledge without getting a commitment from the client first.  But in the internet advertising world, your fellow real estate agents aren’t playing by the same rules.  To play in the internet lead game, you’ll want to deliver value to as many leads as you can, as quickly and efficiently as you can.

One way of the ways our Agent Lead Tracking software helps you to deliver value is to group clients by community, so when you see a new listing in a community, you can send it to leads that expressed interest in that community.