Lead Tracking for Productive Real Estate Agents

Agent Lead Tracking is a simple, straight forward real estate lead tracking system designed for teams and leaders handling high volumes of internet leads.

Developed by Vintage New Media for our real estate clients, ALT is currently available only for our lead generation clients.


Here is a quick overview of our functionality:

  • CONTACT INFORMATION. Add and update basic contact information for each lead.
  • Multiple tickets per lead. Each time a client requests information or contacts you via a marketing source. A ticket is created. Multiple tickets are grouped together for each lead.
  • PIPELINE MANAGEMENT. Move your leads through status queues as they become clients and eventually sales.
  • CONTACT RECORD.  Create a record every time you contact a lead with different communication mediums.
  • ACTIVITY LOG.  See lead contact information all in one place.
  • Assign Commitment level and time to each lead. Generate Priority Reports from this information.
  • Monthly Planner. Identify when leads are coming into town or planning a decision. Shows you these leads broken down by month at a glance.
  • MyTasks. Keep a list of TODO items.
  • MyTestimonials. Save your client testimonials for future use in your marketing efforts.
  • Reports include: Pipeline Report, Priority Report, MyCalendar, LeadSearch.
  • Track key metrics: Lead Counts, Sale Counts, Conversion ratios. Total and last 90 days.
  • Email notices when you receive a new lead.
  • Refer leads to other real estate agents.
  • Maintain a list of approved vendors, with full contact information
  • Maintain phone and email scripts. Don’t re-invent responses to common questions. Create scripts and share with the team.
  • Team leads at a glance can see the pipeline totals for everyone on their team.